Avoiding coronavirus-themed cyber attacks

While the world is struggling to get our head around the danger and impact of the coronavirus, at a time when we should all be supporting each other, there are people who are taking advantage of the situation. Recently there has been a flood of COVID19-themed scams that push malware, attempt to steal personal information and gain unauthorised access to data.

A common scam is an email impersonating a reputable organisation, such as the World Health Organisation, which provides ‘important’ links which either download malware onto your device, or they are a phishing scam where users are sent to a fake Office365 login page which captures your credentials.

Keeping your remote workforce safe

In order to continue operating, many businesses are implementing their business continuity plan with a work-from-home arrangement. This can potentially increase the risk as your team members are operating in a different environment. They may be required to download or use new software. Or they may be forced to use unsecure wifi or home computers without updated antiviruses.

While it may seem like ‘common sense’ to avoid clicking on any links or attachments from unverified sources, our workforce is not operating under regular conditions. Information is being rapidly dispersed from official and non-official sources and it is understandable that people will let their guard down.

The time for staff education has passed, but you can communicate and remind your team to be vigilant. We suggest telling your workforce these 3 things to remain safe:

  • Don’t download any attachments or click on links from unverified senders
  • Take a breath, pause, before you act on an email request. Do not act in haste. Does something feel a bit fishy? Are there typos or is it strangely vague?
  • When in doubt, contact IT support to ask them to review the link, attachment or email

Right now people are receiving a lot of COVID19 news from a lot of different sources and are adapting to a new way of life. In this time of uncertainty it can be difficult to know what is legitimate and what is a scam.

For safe, up to date information on the Coronavirus visit  Department of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).



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