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Everything you need to know about Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are a specific set of services that are provided for a company by a third party provider. In the tech world, the third party is referred to as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Using an MSP and offloading tasks can help businesses shift focus to tasks that are more important. MSPs can take a load off the IT team’s shoulders and help your business thrive.

The basics

The business and the MSP sign a service-level agreement (SLA) that dictates the areas the provider is responsible for, in return for regular monetary compensation. An MSP can handle security, data backup, alerts, data recovery and patch management for businesses. They can control only a few specific devices or all of them related to the business. Initially, representatives from the service provider will visit your business to assess your IT situation and make recommendations about offloading.

Pricing and subscription periods depend on the services they offer and how many devices need to be managed. Basic services involve simple monitoring while high end packages offer everything from monitoring to problem resolution. Some service providers have additional features like onsite customer support and other customizable options. Your business can make an informed decision about the plan that is best for your needs.

Why Businesses Must Consider Managed IT Services

Businesses of all sizes are heavily dependent on technology these days and malfunctions can cause serious damage. Staying up to date on the latest security updates, patches and backups is not an easy task as the complexity of the modern business increases. Small businesses often do not have the infrastructure to stay up to date while large businesses have the burden of handling too many devices.

Managed IT services are affordable and make sure that your business stays protected in the case of unfortunate events. Attacks and malfunctions can cost companies dearly in terms of clients and projects. Productivity and revenue are hindered when security threats go undetected and cause problems in the future. An MSP will actively and thoroughly monitor your IT areas and react effectively when negative situations arise. This allows your IT team to focus on more important projects.

Most MSPs are affordable and provide consistent service. Moreover, unlike traditional outsourcing, representatives from within the business control what the MSPs handle. There is complete transparency regarding operations and management is always kept in the loop.

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