Tips for effectively working from home

Working from home comes with some great perks. You’ve got a kitchen of healthy snacks at your finger tips, you don’t need to waste time commuting, and shoes are optional.

But the novelty will wear off and you’ll need to work at maintaining your productivity (and your sanity) when you’re on your own.

Here are some simple tips for working at home to keep your on task and stop you from going stir-crazy.

Ensure your work space is conducive to working

  • To be productive, you need an office environment that allows you to comfortably work and stay focused. Some people may need silence but others prefer the radio on. Try to keep your work space free from clutter and distractions.

Schedule your day

  • A structured routine helps effectively manage tasks and stay on target for deadlines. Keep regular hours so that your work time doesn’t creep into your personal time and vice versa.
  • A short planning session in the morning to map out your day can be very effective.

Get dressed for work each morning

  • It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas or to work in sweatpants, but dressing as if you were going into the office will help you mentally prepare for the day.

Track your time

  • Be aware how much time is spent not working. What are you spending that time doing and how much does it detract from your work goals? 

Avoid checking personal email or social networking sites during work hours

  • A serious distraction that can go by unnoticed – and cost you your day.  Give yourself a scheduled time to deal with social media and personal emails. Close the browser when you’re done to remove temptation.

Stay connected

  • It’s easy to lose contact. Check in with your immediate colleagues and team regularly throughout the day. We primarily use Microsoft Teams, or make a quick phone call.
  • Don’t forget family and friends. Set aside time or use your breaks to call or email close contacts and stay in the loop.  

Take regular breaks and remember to exercise

  • Respite from your desk is important, especially when you’re confined to your home. Schedule regular breaks and use them to move away from your screen and give your eyes a rest.   
  • Staying active can be a challenge when you’re in a confined space, especially cardio. Exercise is a known aid in helping with the symptoms of isolation so if you are well, be sure to stay active.  Incorporate stretching, yoga, dips, lunges and natural resistance exercises to stay active.  

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