Fleet Management Solutions

SolBox Fleet Management solutions were designed primarily for the transportation and logistics industries to drive sustainable growth. SolBox has a track record of improving business mobility, using industry leading Fleet Management tools and technologies. SolBox bespoke solutions help underpin efficient Fleet Management and drive real-time insights to support operations, managers and dispatchers. Our vision is simple: to remove the efficiency boundaries and to help you become the driving force behind your business’ growth, while impressing your customers along the way. SolBox works with each customer and project team member, to develop the right strategy and solution for their business, one that maximises efficiency, and has clear return on investment, showcasing bottom line benefits and ongoing savings.

SolBox Fleet Management solutions deliver the following business benefits:

  1. Improve business Mobility & Visibility – View your vehicles and jobs online, digitally schedule to your field personnel, and have a simple platform to store or view important information.
  2. Increased Driver Efficiency – Optimising routes means the staff can complete more jobs in less kilometres and fuel used.
  3. Move from manual paper workflow to Digital – By getting rid of paper, you avoid manually entering data, losing paperwork, while increasing cashflow!
  4. Reduced Cost to Serve – Scheduling and tracking deliveries is a cinch, and e-signatures with images on delivery reducing customer disputes.
  5. Improved Customer Experience – With quicker deliveries, live notifications, accurate ETAs and customer portals, you can please your customers easily.
  6. Increased Driver Safety – Driving Training is easier online, and delivery is less stressful with technology guiding you to the best routes for the traffic conditions.
  7. Achieve Compliance – By automating compliance tasks, checklists, vehicle maintenance and time-sheets are instantly accessible and your record keeping is a whole lot easier.
  8. System Integration – Pull and push data to streamline and improve your workflows by integrating information from an ERP or billing systems.

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