Voice & Data


Our communication system, efexConnect, is an integrated voice service. This product is both scalable and flexible, giving businesses an easy solution to streamline all communication. This could include phone, chat, fax, call centre and video conferencing communication.

We can even coordinate efexConnect to supply all hardware on a monthly subscription or can work with your existing  setup to minimise costs.

All of these systems are bundled into a simple monthly bill.

efexConnect ensures you have reliable data speed and call quality, allowing your business to save time and money with the latest technology with no capital outlay.


Communication is a key driver in every successful organisation. EFEX facilitates seamless collaboration through its partnership with Over The Wire Limited (OTW).  Through this partnership we deliver a diverse range of network services including Ethernet over fibre of copper, dark fibre, fixed wireless, NBN, ADSL2+ and 3/4G mobility.

We work with businesses of all sizes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

The EFEX network infrastructure is built for organisations who want access to a secure private network which optimises call quality and data speed.

Our owned and operated MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) core network has been engineered specifically for businesses demanding resiliency and high performance for business critical applications. Some key highlights of the infrastructure are;

  • Far-reaching geographical footprint and access to a diverse set of networks
  • Data Speed
  • Integrity of call quality
  • Carrier agnostic management of every connection and device on one monthly invoice
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery for primary connections