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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. It allows individuals and companies alike to consume a compute resource as a service (aaS) – rather than having to build and maintain physical infrastructure on their premises.

Similarly, virtual environments are being utilised by organisations of all sizes due to their scalable, cost effective and secure properties. A virtual data centre provides a dedicated set of resources that is able to be scaled up or down as needed, with the end user simply paying for their virtual infrastructure on a per month basis, rather than having to buy and maintain it themselves.

EFEX VDC (Virtual Data Centre) Services include;

  • The provisioning of virtual or physical services on high performing, secure server infrastructure
  • System maintenance and ongoing management which includes patching and support
  • Structured monthly reporting on performance and incident response, tracking performance against a service level agreement
  • Back-up and disaster recovery provisioning and management
  • An enterprise grade, high availability storage platform
  • Capacity and business planning for any future requirement change