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4 Misconceptions About IT as a service

Organisations are becoming increasingly digitized but tend to hold on to antiquated views when it comes to their Information technology requirements. A large part of this school of thought involves misconceptions about managed IT services. This leads to businesses calling many different providers every time there’s a system malfunction. Moreover, companies wait until something goes wrong before upgrading their IT systems. This is a dangerous game to play as attacks and hacks can have serious consequences. To help companies evolve and might light of misconceptions, here are the top 4 myths about managed IT services:

Managed IT services are expensive

In the long term, managed IT services are not as expensive as calling technicians for every fault. Time and material based billing provides lumpy and often unbudgeted costs. Managed services have fixed monthly charges for their services and opting for this structure means that your business is constantly protected. Moreover, these services can ensure that serious threats are eradicated before they cause harm.

Technical help is more accessible

This myth alludes to the fact that local technicians can reach your office in a matter of minutes and fix your problems. With managed IT services, there is no need to call a technician in the first place as threats are stopped in earlier stages and minor issues are often fixed remotely by client service teams. Some managed IT services also provide free repairs and have 24/7 customer care centers.

Cloud backups are already present

A cloud backup may be efficient for backing up certain documents and files. However, a managed IT service provider can back up anything on the server, from documents to emails to visual content. Moreover, storage options on many cloud services are not cost effective in the long run. In most cases, companies don’t bother checking their backups until something goes wrong. This might cost your company clients and revenue.

There are no current problems

Based on the analogy “It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, this statement alludes to the fact that many companies only look at issues when its’s too late. They believe that as long as they are currently functioning well, there is no need to engage external services. A managed IT service is not just about detecting and eliminating security threats. It is an integrated system that includes data backup, recovery and consistent monitoring. These functions help your business function fluently even during major data loss or hacks as they have everything backed up. Constant monitoring also means fewer threats and less chances of a hack.

Those still wary about Managed IT services can opt for a trial or take a look at a detailed ROI report. Businesses need to get serious about managed IT services and they need to do it before they are compromised.

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