What is UCaaS and how can it streamline your business?

Technologies are constantly becoming obsolete and replaced with newer, faster and more flexible alternatives. Using different systems and programs means they constantly need to be updated.  It can be hard to stay on top of everything.

Unified Communication as a Service, or UCaaS as it’s more popularly known, is the term for managing a business’ communication via one source, through the cloud. 

UCaaS includes chat, telephone, voicemail and audio/ video/ web conferencing. Traditionally these would need separate platforms and management, but now it can all be streamlined under one provider who sets everything up, rents out the software and helps you manage your system.  

This ‘cloud-based’ service allows for greater adaptability and efficiency. It doesn’t require special hardware and is often setup using existing phones and computers.  

With an increasing remote workforce, seamless phone and video communication is become more and more important. A UCaaS system enables better collaboration and means you can have meetings with team members wherever they are.  

It also means that customers have a smoother method of contacting the business, as chat and calls are all unified. All channels are processed the same way. 

As your business changes, your provider can help you upgrade and adapt so that you always have the most efficient setup. Maintenance of the platform is not the responsibility of the customer or their IT team, but the provider that you rent the software from.  It’s highly scalable and you can easily add and remove users as needed.  

In short, UCaaS is an easier, more reliable way to manage your business communication both internally and externally.  

Contact us for a ‘Cloud Readiness Check’ to find out how EFEX can improve the reliability and flexibility of your business communication with UCaaS.  

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